Everything you want in document management.

Complete Control. Full Customization.
Total Availability.

Visualogistix® brings your marketing asset management into the 21st century. Instead of archiving mass quantities of collateral materials (much of which is wasted), you provide secure access to those in your organization who need the materials. With Visualogistix, your colleagues can order what they need when they need it, and customize each marketing piece — within your established brand standards — to meet the needs of their market.

Visualogistix allows you to reduce time — and the associated costs — spent managing revisions, storage, and distribution of your marketing assets. Through the use of our strategically located distribution centers, we can warehouse and fulfill your orders quickly and cost effectively across the country. Visualogistix is your marketing asset management and fulfillment solution.

Customize and Order

End users can customize the materials to meet the needs of different markets, department, customers and more!

Produce and Package

We produce and package your marketing materials to your specifications.

Distribute and Ship

We then handle the logistics of your order efficiently and effectively through one of our regional distribution centers for global distribution.